Water Quality Testing Project

Water Quality Testing Project – San Souci


Monitoring can be conducted for many purposes. They may include:

  • Characterize waters and identify changes or trends in water quality over time;
  • Identify specific existing or emerging water quality problems;
  • Gather information to design specific pollution prevention or remediation programs;
  • Determine whether program goals — such as compliance with pollution regulations or implementation of effective pollution control actions — are being met; and
  • Respond to emergencies, such as spills and floods.

Some types of monitoring activities meet several of these purposes at once; others are specifically designed for one reason.


Integrated Environmental is able to undertake water quality assessments of the following environments:

  • Groundwater
  • Marine
  • Fresh water
  • Potable
  • Dams


There are many ways to monitor water conditions.

Integrated Environmental monitors the chemical condition of water and sediments to determine levels of key constituents such as dissolved oxygen, nutrients, metals, oils, and pesticides.

We are also able to monitor physical conditions such as temperature, flow and sediments and biological conditions such as the ability of test organisms to survive in sample water.

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