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Director and principal consultant Paul Paciullo, established Integrated Environmental Pty Ltd (INTEV) early in 2014. The business started from a desire to provide a better service to the industry. INTEV’s vision is to create a business providing the following customer benefits:

  • Competitive rates.
  • Highly competent and qualified consultants across all services.
  • Practical recommendations and approach to projects.
  • High level customer service and communication.
  • Reliability and availability.

Paul has completed his Bachelor of Environmental Science and is currently undertaking his Master of Work Health and Safety. He has over 10 years working experience in occupational hygiene and work health safety practises.

Paul’s vision for an integrated business, involves partnering with other professionals. Together these professionals can best cater to the broad array of clients; effectively meeting their WHS and environmental needs.

Featured Clients

INTEV is part of the following contractor panels

LGP (Local government) approved contractor

LGP (Local government) approved contractor


Loose-fill asbestos testing contractor panel for the NSW Government

As a niche environmental firm, we offer a reliable and friendly service. Our working approach is flexible and caters to our clients needs. We consistently maintain a high level of technical proficiency.

Staff at INTEV, have successfully managed a number of complex and concurrent projects. Personnel work in partnership with all stakeholders and have a strong relationship with a range of experts in the field. INTEV prides itself with providing quality customer service that includes the ongoing and transparent communication with clients, continuous quality improvement and a responsive and agile approach to completing projects.